The Friends of Ferals’ (FoF) initiative, introduced by our small but dedicated team of volunteers, is a commitment to helping to control and monitor the feral population in and around the city of Sheffield.

The Problem:

Thousands of feral cats live in derelict factories, cemeteries, alleyways, gardens and general outdoor spaces in and around Sheffield. They are the offspring of lost or abandoned domestic cats and left unneutered, have reached epidemic numbers. Because they have not been handled by humans as kittens, they are rarely candidates for adoption. However, if the kittens are caught young enough and receive socialisation, they are taken into foster care until they are ready for adoption.

The Solution:

Trap – Neuter – Return (TNR) is proving effective in humanely managing feral cat colonies and reducing their numbers over time.  TNR is a two-step approach to feral cat overpopulation.

1st Step – stray and feral cats are humanely trapped, health checked, neutered, ear-tipped (prevents the same cat from being trapped twice as it is easily recognised), treated for worms, fleas and earmites.

2nd Step – Healthy adult cats too wild to be adopted are returned to their familiar habitat under the lifelong care of colony carers or those people already feeding them.  Under our adoption programme, tame cats and kittens are temporarily placed into foster until they can be permanently adopted into good homes.

What we do: 

As well as hands-on care of ferals, FoF provides:

* advice to the general public and colony carers by phone, email, social networking and our websites:

* free equipment loans, transport of traps to and from TNR sites;

* transport of cats to and from vets;

* cat food and shelters

Uncared for and allowed to breed unchecked, the life of a feral cat is short, miserable and full of suffering.  However, once neutered and provided shelter and a reliable food source are available, the feral cats can live long and healthy lives.

What we don’t do: take in domestic cats – FoF does not have a cat centre.

We are entirely dependent on donations and every penny we receive is spent on cats in crisis, cats living on the edge, and never on administration or expenses.

To make a donation towards spaying/neutering and/or the feeding programme please visit our ‘how you can help’ page for details on how to donate.

Thank you so much for being a Friend of Ferals.