Cats In Our Care


This is our Thomas, our mascot who we think is a good example of a feral cat.  Lives on his own, keeps to himself, hurries out from the undergrowth for his food and disappears just as quickly.  The only experience he has of human beings is being trapped, neutered and his ear tipped.  We respect him very much, and are always pleased to see him.   He suffers from the occasional eye problem but that’s what life is like for the majority of ferals – they survive on the edge.  Thomas has the love and care of Friends of Ferals, and we’ll always be there for him.


Riverside Site – Chunky

Chunky is a beautiful lady and she knows it. She is confident enough to allow an occasional stroke but only at arm’s length. Always one of the first on the scene at food time as can be seen from her waistline. Her dish was full 5 minutes before this photo was taken. Star performer!

Riverside Site – Tiny

Tiny and Dexter are joined at the hip, a real sweet couple, always together. They are a little picky with whom they dine, and steer well away from the other cats. They follow their carers when they leave, making sure they aren’t going to be interrupted when they finally dine together. We haven’t seen them take out their napkins but we wouldn’t be at all surprised if they don’t.

Riverside Site – Dexter

In The Valley – Sophie

Sophie is very timid, her only experience with humans has been to be trapped, spayed and returned to site. The lovely caretaker at the site looks out for her though, she’s a real favourite with him and so she gets regular food and treats as a result! Sophie had countless numbers of litters before she came to our notice. She has a nice shelter now away from the hustle and bustle and someone to look out for her. She has eyes like saucers!

Church Site – Bob

Bob the bruiser, a typical feral tom, camouflaged perfectly in his surroundings. Hardly ever seen, but the food disappears, so we put that down to Bob watching from the bushes ready to pounce once his carers have left the site.

Riverside Site – Lily

Lily lives at the Riverside site, along with her many friends. As you can see, she’s a little timid, but brave enough to come along and watch while her food is delivered. Most of her friends have exactly the same colouring and … look at that tail! A throw-back to a ginger dad we think!

Riverside Site – Snowy

Snowy is everyone’s favourite, very friendly and always the first to show the others how feeding time should be done – quickly and to the point. She keeps herself in tiptop condition, always immaculate and enjoys being stroked and having a chat with her human friends.

Behind The Big Stores – Thomas The Second

Thomas 2 lives near a busy shopping area and as a result, receives his lunch from a lovely lady who lives overlooking the car park and also treats from the staff. He’s totally at ease in his environment, hardly ever seen during working hours but out and about once everyone has gone home after work. He has a very smart shelter made by one of our keen and talented friend of ferals.

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