We would like to say a massive thank you to you, the wonderful friends of ferals  for supporting us through our Facebook pages. Without you, nothing we do would be possible.  Our main Facebook page ….. features up to date news on the work we do on a weekly basis, and our Facebook Auction page …. has proved to be a truly magnificent way of generating the money we need to keep on doing the work we do on the streets of South Yorkshire. This page has been running since November 2013 and has blossomed in a way in which we never dared hope, so we thought you may like to learn about the work you are enabling.

We have two dedicated volunteers who make the rounds feeding colonies of over 100 hundred cats on a daily basis. These cats rely on us as their only source of food and it’s important that we give them good quality, nutritious food to compensate for the harsh environment in which they must survive. We have a dedicated facebook page for raising funds to feed the ferals: The Feeding Station. We trap cats to neuter as this is the only effective way of dealing with the overwhelming epidemic of unwanted cats and kittens,  a problem that has been rapidly increasing year after year. Friends of Ferals also deal with the medical problems that routinely arise with street cats. We see broken bones, ear infections, dental procedures, leg injuries, abscesses, eye infections, tail injuries and many more, all that require treatment and all on cats that have nobody else to help them.

We were recently contacted about a large-scale colony who were desperately in need of help. The people had exhausted every other rescue and Friends of Ferals were their last hope. This colony is 40 strong and even if every one of those cats is healthy, the minimum cost would still be 40 x £90. No other rescues were willing to take on the task, but Friends of Ferals couldn’t say no. Our dedicated volunteers are laying traps and then relying on phone calls coming at any time of the day to tell them that a cat has been caught. Luckily, several of the ferals have been offered places at a ‘feral sanctuary’ at The Ark Animal Rescue and Retirement Home on the Lincolnshire coast. A tranquil, peaceful place, Ark offers ferals the security and shelter to live out the rest of their days in a safe and comfortable environment, something which these former street cats would never have found elsewhere.

But none of this would be possible without your help. Every single penny raised on this site goes straight to the cats. For every cat we neuter , think of all the unwanted kittens that will never be born to suffer. For every cat who receives medical treatment, imagine the pain they would have endured if not for your help. This is the difference you are making and believe us, we cannot thank you enough.