Thank you Pets@Home

We thought last year was the worse we had experienced with biblical amounts of flooding, river rats and cats, but nothing could have prepared us for what we are experiencing now.

Added to our worries, our old workhorse van suffered too and started with a bad habit of jumping out of gear when least expected. We are out every day and night trapping, feeding, delivering and collecting supplies, mostly in ‘not so safe’ areas and it’s so important that we do everything we can to keep ourselves as safe as possible.

Thankfully, our appeal for a grant from Pets@Home was successful and we’re proud to announce the new member of TeamFOF, a nearly new VW Maxi, lots of space for specialist carriers, traps and food, and of course the endless number of cats on the streets.

Here’s Rocky hitching a lift to a new life, along with his mum, dad and siblings. His eye removal was totally successful and they are now all well and totally happy. Just one family of many that we have saved from a life of misery.

Pets@Home have also been more than generous with their VIP vouchers and we’ve been able to share our good fortune with other one-woman (or man!) rescues. Nothing is more important to us than sharing with small rescues who do such tremendous work, saving lives with little support. Please join the VIP club, it costs nothing and can be easily accessed online.

Thank you Pets@Home for our super van, we may often be at breakdown point but our new van thankfully isn’t. It’s already been put to very good use, saving dozens of street cats, and will continue to do so. Just like us!