The Feeding Station

The Feeding Station has been set up on Facebook purely to raise funds to feed the feral cats in known colonies in and around Sheffield.

Many of our cats have very specific needs with regards to food and it’s important that they receive optimum health food which tends to be expensive. They really look forward to our daily feeding visits.

Donations can be made via paypal to  Please mark your donation ‘Feed the Ferals’. Or our Natwest account 52150569, sort code 544147.  Thank you for your support.


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We love them! And are kind to them. December’s feeding pot stands at £140. Thank you Linda Wright and Nicola Parks for your regular donations. Love Maggie x

April £70. Thank you Linda Wright for our first donation of April, £20. And Valerie Mitchell for a whopping £50.
An amazing £160 raised during March. Thank you so much. The Streeties need your compassion more than ever, especially in these awful times. This poem says it all, most of the little souls really want to make friends but are too timid. In the meantime, we’ll be out there, doing what we do every day, feeding quality food. x. PS I’M SORRY I AM UNABLE TO THANK YOU INDIVIDUALLY AS NATWEST HASN’T NAMED YOU BUT MY THANKS ARE NONETHELESS VERY SINCERE.
May 2020 feeding pot £65 thank you so much regular donaters Linda Wright, Victoria Butterell and Valerie Partington. Here is Heidi, lovely photo taken by Ray Waters, her special feeder. We feel that she really wants to make friends but is so timid. We don’t know her background but do know that she looks forward to our meals on wheels! Thank you for your support. Maggie
June’s 2020 feeding pot stands at £115, thank you so much regular donaters Linda Wright, Bev Emmett, Victoria Butterell and Valerie Partington. Here is one of our latest kittens saved from the streets. He’s about half the size of a small feeding dish but we have great plans to make him as fat as a doughnut! He’s such a character, he defends his sisters from the awful people feeding them! Little hissy spitty but not for long. All our cats and kittens have the best of food and it’s your support that supplies it. Thank you. Maggie.

July 2020 pot stands at £40. Thank you Linda Wright and Victoria Butterell for your regular donations. Last month we featured some very poorly thin and starving kittens born under the proverbial hedge. They weren’t even half the size of their feeding bowls. But with specialist care and high quality food there’s no stopping them now! No looking back. Thank you for your continued support Maggie x

Our August 2020 donations are £60 thanks to the regular donations from Linda Wright and Victoria Butterell, and Merle Hill. Thank you!

UPDATE £20 DONATED FOR THE MONTH OF AUGUST. You eat, I’ll watch out! It’s Feral Furstday and already Linda Wright has sent her monthly donation. Thank you! The weather is getting colder and the Streeties’ appetites are growing x

September 2020 donation £50 kindly donated by Linda Wright, donates regularly and Rita Dobson, long time supporter. Thank you x Sometimes our Streeties just cannot wait for the pouches to be served in their feeding station …

Within minutes of being found in a dangerous area, Bridget was safe and sound in the care of FOF. She was starving and your donated quality food did the trick. X


March 2020 donation £60 but now £160 with a massive donation from our special FOF Victoria Butterell.
Big big thanks. A far cry from begging for food on the streets to being served up Dreamies for breakfast with their lovely new mum Barbara Burgin. FOF used donations of food for weeks to gain their confidence in us for the big trap. An entire family saved. Thank you Valerie Partington, Richard Hulme, Mary Buckley. X
February 2020 £60.
Thank you special FOFs for your generous donations to January’s pot, £120. Four massive deliveries have found their way to this little colony of grateful cats. February’s posting is late, I do apologise, Feral-land is manic in this atrocious weather.
January £80, now £100 now £120
Thank you special supporters for raising £885 during 2019 to buy quality food for our Streeties. Come rain or shine we are out there every day, making sure our ferals are well fed. Good food is the only thing they have to look forward to.
If they could speak they would say thank you to you all, feeders and donaters alike. And of course, wish you and yours a Happy New Year. They squeak to us, but it’s usually with a look of “where have you been, you’re 10 minutes late”!
**** STOP PRESS ****
Double Dinners !!! …… for the New Year!
The December Pot raised a whopping £80…. and we’ve just received a matching donation for the New Year, to match it.
This has been raised by Victoria Butterell, from sales of her Yorkshire Christmas cards, supporting FoF, at the Christmas Nether Edge Farmers Market.
Victoria designed these cards specially last year, to raise funds for her friend who single-handedly helped street cats in Montenegro (ex-Serbia) where the situation for streeties (cats & dogs) is bleak.
But, things changed, at the very last minute, and as the cards were being launched here in Sheffield the very next day, Victoria asked if FoF would like to be the new recipient……the cards sold out, and were even reprinted !
The cards have been reprinted again this year and again sold out – Victoria hopes to design a new card, for next year, again supporting FoF.
Over the last year, Victoria has supported FoF instead of her cat friend in Montenegro, with Chat Noir cards and other artwork….raising just over £1000…..
Victoria says “I am very happy to be able to raise funds from my artwork, for FoF, because they use every single penny to help the most desperate cats & kittens – abandoned, ill-treated, street cats & ferals. And also because they help other small rescues (often one/two-woman rescues, like my friend in Montenegro) wherever possible, working together. The scale of the problem is massive and sometimes over-whelming. I am constantly awed by the commitment of FoF-ies, and wish I could raise more for them , and other rescues”.
Thank you Victoria!